We profile a gem with a passion for dance. Recognised internationally Delta Choshi, born in Vaalkop in Limpopo and now residing in Johannesburg with her wife Sherole Webster- Choshi knew as early as a year old that dance was her life.

We all have people who inspire and steer us in the right direction.

“I look up to my mom and my gran. I am grateful for all they do for me, Missy Elliot and Oprah are also inspirational women.”

Her most gratifying moment so far in her thriving career was when she opened for The Weeknd in New York.

“I always knew I was destined to dance, music followed later. Dance helps me motivate and connect with people. My other passion is giving back and educating the youth through dance”

“Reach for the moon so that if you don’t make it, you’re still floating amongst the stars is one of my mottos. I believe in reinventing and challenging yourself and it’s very important to share knowledge.”

Like all careers there is challenges she has had to overcome.

“Some males still believe that women should sleep their way to the top. I do not compromise if i cannot uniquely represent Delta.

Delta a true professional and leader in her field. We look forward to seeing her blossom, inspiring and more dancing in the future,

“I want to do more projects educating people about the LGBTI community, discrimination against us is real and I see my brand growing, touching lives and getting more exposure.”