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UniQ Spiritual with Dr Zenzi Zungu – VMCI

Homosexuality & Religion

God’s gift of sexuality for a loving relationship.

By Pastor Z Zungu VMCI

Human sexuality is broad and the gift of human sexuality is for building loving relationships that are nurturing companionships which express intimate joy and tenderness. There has been a gradual shift in the mind-set of the people of God; a conviction emerged and grew that the Holy Spirit was leading the church into deeper understanding of God’s purpose in giving us this gift of our sexuality.

Through this revelation it is now recognised that sexual intercourse with one’s spouse has nothing necessarily to do with procreation as such. It is fully appropriate to enjoy this gift of God simply and solely for the expression of a loving relationship with one’s spouse.

Appreciation of God’s Love and Human Sexuality

A faithful committed homosexual relationship (as with heterosexual relationships) can and should be an expression of God’s love, and of his gift of human sexuality. Such relationships can and should lead to growth in Christian virtue and holiness. There is nothing inherently abusive, exploitative or destructive about such relationships. All the values and demands of the gospel apply, sin and the devil can and do get in, but our Loving God can lead us to repentance, healing and new beginnings.

The Bible on Homosexuality

God himself didn’t say anything about homosexual relationships. Even the four gospel’s and most of the books of the New Testament mention nothing about homosexuality. Paul is the only Author who refers to this issue in Romans 1,1Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10. A negative judgement of homosexuality Romans 1:26-27 probably represents the clearest argument against homosexuality in the whole Bible. The negative reference to Homosexuality is not unambiguous.

The question today is whether it still carries the same theological meaning and weight as it did in Paul’s time. It is clear from the context that the people referred to were consciously rebelling against God and rejected all moral law. There weren’t people who led lives devoted to God. We recognised as well how life without God can lead to moral decay and sexual perversions.

The question is whether this kind of decay includes all kinds of homosexual behaviour? A loving committed and faithful Christian gay couple who express their love in an intimate’s physical manner, surely does not display rejection or rebellion against God.