By: Ntombizodwa Jowena Qwabe


You are an echo of love letters kept folded and tucked between the crooked teeth of my corniness (and I can be really cheesy)

Like the day I told you, your pretty is the kind that would never fall out of the heavens because even God has his bad days and you?
Are a really good one.

The mornings I bend into paper planes to fly through  the concrete giants in my bones to remind myself that beauty is never in the eyes of the beholder but in the ones who need it most

And I am so needy.

So I hope you coddle my sweet fantasies…

The ones about the sky being too big to hide you from me
Or the one about me giving you the moon
Or the ones about the pretty ladies in my sleep that can never compare to you

But most of all

The one about how you’ll love this letter so much
That I’ll be your crush too