There is no dull moment at the GLN, they are busy like no other contributing towards individual growth of its members. Our very own writer Thobeka Bhengu being part of the network is taking us through some interesting activities that took place over the month of September and October. After reading this snippets you will surely envy members of the network for such great work.

DUT (Impilo Yami LGBTI Forum) Drama Workshop

The Gay & Lesbian Network’s Rainbow Theatre Group was invited by Impiloyami LGBTI Forum to host a drama workshop for the forum. The workshop was facilitated by myself, as the artistic director of the Rainbow Theatre Group. The workshop focused on storytelling and using art for advocacy. It also included a performance by the Rainbow Theatre Group that was followed by a discussion that looked at the themes raised by the performance. The Rainbow Theatre performed their new production titled Safe Spaces, which is a collection of the performer’s stories, a look into how culture, tradition and religion have played a role in the discrimination of LGBTI people in our communities. The production also raises a number of pivotal questions about these institutions that seek to fuel the discrimination against LGBTI people and promote the exclusion of LGBTI people in communities. The workshop was attended by more than 30 people who participated in the activities of the day. The attendees expressed a need for advocacy through art and a need for safe spaces for LGBTI people in higher institutions of learning.

It did not end the The GLN was also presented in two workshops organized by the KwaZulu Natal Christian Council for church leaders. The Creating & Enabling Environment programme coordinator at GLN Tracey Madlala & Londeka Xulu (Outreach Programme Coordinator) facilitated sessions that looked  at hate crimes, gender & sexuality, what it means to be  homosexual, what the constitution says about the rights of LGBTI people , Chapter 9 institutions and the marginalisation of LGBTI people in churches. The workshops allowed healthy and respectful discussions between church leaders, theologians and LGBTI people. The Gay & Lesbian Network has participated and engaged in dialogues with church leaders, traditional healers and traditional leaders over the years and these dialogues are always insightful and a necessity for our community.  

EU Short film: Gay & Lesbian Network

The Rainbow Theatre Group performed in Pietermaritzburg (CBD) at one of the shoots arranged by the European Union (EU), which sent a film crew from Fireworx Media to make a short film about the Gay & Lesbian Network. The process took a few days and focused mostly on Sphelele Rooi “Mother R” as a traditional healer in training. The performance in town drew an audience of passers-by and was a great success according to the film crew and audience members. We are very pleased that the organization is being recognised for the work that it has been doing over the years.

Etv Checkpoint Shoot: Pietermaritzburg

The ETV/ENCA team came down to Pietermaritzburg to document their next episode on the TV show called Checkpoint. The Gay & Lesbian Network staff was interviewed for the show and the Rainbow Theatre Group did a performance that will be part of the episode, using physical theatre and safe spaces stories the group put together a performance for the shoot and it was performed in town near the City Hall.