A young woman in business who is qualified marketing strategist,with a national diploma in advertising and business management sciences, this vibrant goal –driven entrepreneur is passionate about events coordinating, advertising, marketing and travel. With six (6) years’ worth of experience in the entertainment and media industry Ms Edmunds is spear heading two (2) reputable companies namely 053 Global Village pty ltd and Colour ME pty ltd.
She has previously worked as a Strategic Planner for the Heartbeat Children Foundation in Pretoria Mamelodi, coordinated and conceptualised events such the DJ Sphere’s annual music festival catering for over 6000 participants and managed a local radio station for a period of two years just to name a few. Ms Edmunds is currently working as a marketing executive for the first black owned tourism magazine Vacation guide Africa which is available nationwide and covers tourism and its diversity in Africa.

Under her brand 053 Global village she has worked as a marketing strategist to bridge the gap between black owned SMMes in arts, culture and tourism with government and currently specialises in graphic design, digital marketing and brand activations for national renowned brands such as Diestel, chesa nyama, and other locally owned entities.
Having identified herself as a homosexual woman in South Africa, she has embarked on a journey to advocate for the recognition of the LGBTI+ society under Colour ME in the arts, culture, film and tourism industry by creating safe platforms where young people of all sexual orientations can feel free to celebrate their individualities through music, art, fashion, film and food without the fear of being discriminated. “We are running with the #TheFutureisGenderless! Motivating a society free of labelling but valuing human beings based on what worth they add and how determined they are to achieve their goals”. Colour ME represents fun, diversity, authenticity and creativity carried out in dialogues, social markets, art exhibitions and camps.
With the future looking bright Ms Edmunds is currently working with like-minded young people who are eager to add value to the local economic development of South Africa, particularly in the arts, culture and tourism industry as well as encouraging a society free of hate and discrimination.