By: Sbo Legacy

There is a new interesting business model that is trending the rest of the world which is called the Sharing Economy. What you might ask is what is the Sharing Economy business model, well it’s simply a system of creating commerce system where people do not own assets but merely share the use of the asset when and how it’s needed. It’s a system which we as Africans are quite used to but without actual commerce being at the core where one neighbor would have a yard wrecker and one would have a wheelbarrow and another a shovel and they share these tools without each having to buy a set for himself and it quite worked. But that was a time where our communities were close knit communities. We might not be in the same close knit social environment but we understand the system quite well. Now how can that be translated to fit the commerce space, well it actually can for instance companies like Uber, Airbnb, Feasty and Soundcloud are using the system to capture commercial success. uber with its ride sharing where it’s not a regulated industry but where anyone with a car can be connected with someone who needs a ride effortlessly with the use of technology.

Airbnb is a more accommodation based setup where regular people put up their spare rooms for anyone who needs a place to crash at a much cheaper price with a homemade breakfast all connected by technology, it has now grown to more than just a room to crash for the night but it has extended to homes boats and many more things, Feastly where chefs instead of having a restaurant from which to serve food they now do it in the comfort of their own homes without the overheads of a restaurant, the people have a choice to choose their favorite meals from a wide selection all over the city and the chef has a much closer relationship with his clientele.


Soundcloud affords a member endless selection of music and videos without the need to buy where people just upload and share their favorite music. It Sounds very familiar because the culture of sharing is so familiar to us as black people. I think if we started small like developing systems of integrating technology to ridesharing and formalizing the whole hitchhiker situation making it safe and more of a sustainable business system. Instead of going to Spur and Tasha’s and all those establishments let’s build our own Feastly start supporting and developing our own industry. We look at the whole amakotishi situation quite popular but how com we do not have a listing online of available amakotishi where the service provider and the people needing them can be much formalized and people can start regulating their own home industries.

There is so much more opportunities for our people if we become more sophisticated in our thinking structure the possibilities are endless. The whole Ainti osizekhaya or ogadingane can be a great sharing economy platform, I know almost every family has a headache when it comes to getting their child minder I personally went through 7 before my son was 2. We can look at that industry practically no heavy set up cost just get someone to code and program and we are in business. I believe that this is one of the biggest avenues that township commerce can grow and start competing with the rest of the urban City commercial systems. Our population numbers alone are quite supportive of this system of commerce.