”Born and raised by a single parent upbringing has never stopped me from doing what I am passionate about. Assigned male at birth, I always knew I was different and just did not understand it till later in life”

Being the second eldest of six children and growing up in a large loving family was all so easy when coming out. Today I still have that love and support from my family and this gives me great strength and belief that I can make a difference in the lives of many LGBTQI+ community members.

This was when my life took a different path. One which would lead me to the life of helping other transgender women understand who they are and also to look after themselves from a health aspect. As an HIV/AIDS Team Leader, PrEP user, Facilitator on Transgender & LGBTI matters, my passion is to create a society which looks beyond colour, race and gender identity. A society where walking down the street is free and without being prejudiced against and HIV/AIDS-free LGBTQI+community.” 

Absolutely beautiful inside out!