Change your body, Change your eating habits, and change your lifestyle. Adopt healthy lifestyle.

Go the natural way; if it is not organic it’s not it…

Change is good. Stop blaming others and circumstances take charge of your life. It all start by detoxing!!

These days we all lead very busy lives and we often don’t stop to think about what these busy lives do uniq fruitto our health. We consume foods that are convenient, because we don’t have time for anything else. We don’t get as much exercise as we should, we also fill our bodies with harmful drinks which causes problems and harm. In order to get your health back where it needs to be it’s important to detoxify your body first. Detoxification is what will make you feel better and have more energy throughout the day.

Cantaloupe (Melon) High in beta carotene and digestive enzymes, plus are great kidney and bladder cleansers.

Digestive enzymes help you break down food you had the night before and slowly releases toxins from kidneys and bladder drink in the morning.

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5 carrots, 2 pears, 1apple & small handful parsley juice (Mid-Morning juice and afternoon juice)

This combination starts cleansing your liver kidneys and digestive system which are the organs most affected from having an unhealthy diet. You might experience to urinate more often.

1/4 cantaloupe, 4 medium carrots, 1cm cube of ginger juice.ginger

This blend is a way to give you enough energy throughout the day .The ginger helps ease toxins of your system. Drink Lunch time

Dinner Juice

1 Apple, 5 Carrots, 1cm cube ginger.

This juice contains different antioxidants to give your body the defense it needs to protect it from excess free radicals.

avoDetoxing your body has to begin with consuming more foods that are high in fiber. These are foods that are going to help you to have more bowel movements. It doesn’t stop here though. With a diet that’s high in fiber your body will have an easier time absorbing different nutrients. Fighting off problems such as stress will also be easier.


You want to consume herbal teas, because they are so much more helpful to you and your detoxification efforts. Herbal tea is much better, because not only is it free from preservatives, but it helps to stimulate your mind naturally. Herbal tea has a calm soothing effect with can help relieve stress. Steady consumption of herbal tea can help with anxiety problems; can fight aging as well as other diseases.

Detoxing your body is not about providing you with some magic way to start feeling better again. Detoxing your body is all about providing you with a natural way to get yourself functioning the way you’re supposed to.

Detoxification is also a good way to help fight against diseases, which is especially beneficial for older people. Just make sure before you try any detoxification plan that you’re ready for it.

Researched by UNIQMAGSA Lifestyle reporter